Amethyst, integrates web applications with the desktop, allowing web applications to be launched from the desktop and configured independently of the default web browser. HOW TO

  • Run web applications automatically when your computer starts
  • Minimize to tray
  • Tray icon
  • Tray custom menu for web applications
  • Fast and easy
  • Available for all major Windows version


  • Integration

    Desktop integration.

    Create shortcuts to start the webapp. Ability to show specialized icons. Tray menu for basic operations. Print support.Custom notifications and more!

  • Apps Catalog

    Eliminate the usual software headaches.

    Instead, enjoy an efficient and free Web Apps in your desktop.

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  • Easy, fast

    Simple application.

    Amethyst will be located in the Start menu and Windows Desktop. Simply fill out the URL of the website you want to turn into an application, give it a name and select icon, then click Generate App button.


    Create and modify your own App in a simple language that's easy to learn, with the help of our extensive documentation, getting started guide and Apps tutorials.

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